Partners prepared and published online a Handbook of Intercultural Awareness Through Experiential and Reflective Learning in the Context of Migrants (asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants) Integration. A PDF version of the Handbook can be found here


The Handbook can be used on international level. It will be useful for social workers, other support specialists, volunteers, working in adult learning and multicultural environment. We could assume that in a near future this educational curriculum and workshop scenarios would be widely used for organizing training courses for immigrants and host society members.


The handbook contains: introduction, instructions, practical part based on the curriculum

topics, references. The handbook is based preliminary on the following topics:


  1. Who am I?
  2. My roots
  3. My relationship with others
  4. Meeting different cultures
  5. Love among cultures
  6. Intercultural dialogue
  7. To tell the truth
  8. Am I superstitious?
  9. My strengths, my weaknesses
  10. My future dreams

Pictures from the workshops and the final outcomes of each session are added to the description of each topic. The potential Handbook beneficiaries will be able to visualize the intended outcome of each session.