Work package 1 (in 2015-07). Start-up planning via skype: organizational capabilities of project team improved on organization level

Work package 2 (in 2015-10). Partners meeting in Lithuania: Project management capabilities improved and professional competences developed on organization level and responsibilities shared in preparing an innovative curriculum of intercultural awareness through experiential and reflective learning strategies.

Work package 3 (Every partner will be implementing this activity individually from 2015-10 to 2016-01). Developing innovative curriculum of intercultural awareness through experiential and reflective learning strategies. Curriculum will consist of such parts as: title, relevance, aim, objectives, content, reflective and experiential learning strategies, learning resources, aquired competences and skills, references.

Work package 4 (in 2016-02). Partners meeting via skype: developed Nordic/Baltic curriculum is presented on organizational, national levels, issues on piloting training course discussed.

Work package 5 (The activity will be implemented in each partner country individually from 2016-03 till 2016-05). Organizing and piloting intercultural awareness training course.

Work package 6 (in 2016-07). Partners meeting in Finland: the best practices and obstacles risen in training course shared and responsibilities in handbook preparation distributed.

Work package 7 (in 2016-08). Partners meeting via skype: discussing handbook preparation issues.

Work package 8 (from 2016 – 09 to 2017 – 02). Publishing the handbook: in near future social workers, other support specialists, volunteers will be using intercultural awareness through reflective and experiential learning strategies handbook for organizing training courses for immigrants and host society members. Theoretical and practical knowledge could be transferred into experiential field. Immigrants and host society could be affected indirectly. The handbook will involve: introduction, theoretical part about intercultural awareness through experiential and reflective learning strategies, it‘s benefits and practical part based on the curriculum topics, references and also photos from a training course. The handbook will involve these preliminary topics:
1. Who am I?
2. My roots
3. My relationship with others
4. Meeting different cultures
5. Love among cultures
6. Intercultural dialogue
7. To tell the truth
8. Am I superstitious?
9. My strengths, my weaknesses
10. My future dreams

Work package 9 (in 2017-03). Partners meeting via skype: preparation of the draft of the draft of the conference programme, discussion about organizational issues of the conference.

Work package 10 (in 2017-05) Organizing conference: 4 national conferences organized (1 conference in each partner country).

Work package 11 (in 2017-06) Partners meeting via skype: project evaluation.


Project achievements

100% Work package 1
80% Work package 2
30% Work package 3
0% Work package 4