In the period of 2016-03 till 2016-06 each partner of Nordplus Adult project Intercultural awareness through experiential and reflective learning in the context of immigrants integration was implementing individually intercultural awareness training courses based on experiential and reflective learning strategies with immigrants and host society members.

Each partner organized 10 sessions.

During each session facilitators were using various art and creative methods involving drawing, painting, music photography and the others to focus and discuss the following topics:

  1. Who am I?
  2. My roots
  3. My relationship with others
  4. Meeting different cultures
  5. Love among cultures
  6. Intercultural dialogue
  7. To tell the truth
  8. Am I superstitious?
  9. My strengths, my weaknesses
  10. My future dreams

Participants were involved in both individual and group work based on art methods which helped to explore the topic in an engaging and experiential manner. Different materials were used for the workshops: paints, modeling clay, ceramics, paper etc. Every session was followed by an in-depth discussion moderated by the facilitators. Discussions were an essential part of the workshop which enhanced the reflective thinking of the participants and created a safe space for everyone to share personal experience often stimulated by the session. The workshops also created an opportunity to strengthen the mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue between immigrants and host society members.

Participants expressed positive feedback about the workshops mentioning it as a wide-opening experience.